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Exterior Residential Painting

An exterior painting occupation should leave you and your household speechless in a great way.  A detail oriented builder is enthusiastic about doing the ideal thing in the ideal way and that is why we’re excited as it comes to painting.  

Too many men and women forfeit long-lasting quality by cutting corners and generating sloppy work.  Do not settle for less than the best as it is time to paint your property.   

Yellow house painting in Rapid City South Dakota
Residential Painting Rapid City, SD

Our committed staff paints each home with the maximum degree of attention.  From staining concrete into painting decks, siding, garage doors, and fences-you name , we could paint it.  

Contact us today for your exterior home painting service to your Rapid City house.

Dwelling by the Black Hills is lovely. Even as you find the refuge indoors from extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter, your house’s exterior paint does not have that luxury.  Combined efforts from thunderstorms, hefty doses of UV radiation and intense contrast between hot and cold can wreck your house exterior.  

To defy this continuous barrage, Rapid City Painters utilizes the highest quality paint specifically intended for the Midwest climate.   


Also as appropriate products, we all know the formula for powerful, long-lasting exterior paint jobs isn’t complete without comprehensive prep.  Power washing uses high pressure water to burst through layers of grime.  It’s how Rapid City Painters agitates and eliminates dust and dirt prior to painting and sealing.  

Power Washing buildings in Rapid City South Dakota
Power Washing in Rapid City, SD

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, you may be certain that we do not use chemicals or additives in our wash which may encounter drains and yards.  Rapid City Painters has discovered that utilizing the ability of water, correctly implemented, is more than sufficient in regards to clearing debris and dirt prior to residential painting.